The Non-Blues – It’s All in Your Point of View (Ep. 31)

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda) (Spoken: What’m Ah doin’, hangin’ out in this cellar? It’s like this: Ah’m composin’ a blue! No, it ain’t the blues, ’cause it’s only one— An’ brother, one’s all Ah can do!) Ah’m a-hangin’ Mah haid like Ah oughta— (Spoken parenthetically: How’s this? Have Ah got the hang of it?) Mah chair is a case of gin, … Read More

Peace – Peace Comes From Understanding (Ep. 30)

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda) Peace gave us the mountains. Peace gave us the sky. Nightly, when starlight enfolds us, Peace is its lullaby. Amen. Amen. Peace gave us the morning. Peace gave us the sun. Bird songs that call us to welcome Day, and fresh labors begun. Amen. Amen. Peace gave us the seasons. Peace gave us the rain— Cool clouds … Read More

Courageous New Beginnings – A New Tomorrow (Ep. 29)

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda) When the dawn breaks, and then the morning Sends the sun high in the sky, Who would hide from heaven’s glory? Who would pass the challenge by? There’s a morning for every nation, When the sun’s high in the sky: There’s a time for every people To affirm their destiny! Even so, all of us together Can … Read More

The Search for One’s Guru – Looking for a Friend (Ep. 28)

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda) 1. Where are you going my little one? “In hope these empty streets I wend; I’ve seen a star rise in the east, And I’m looking for a friend.” Turu, luru lurulay. Turu, luru lurulay. 2. Where are you going, good shepherd folk? “From a lowly valley we ascend. A wondrous vision sent us here: We’re … Read More

Right Use of Repetition – God, God, God, Ep. 25

Lyrics God! God! God! Lyrics of “God, Christ, Guru” by Paramhansa Yogananda Music by Swami Kriyananda From the depths of slumber, as I ascend The spiral stairway of wakefulness, I will whisper, whisper: God! God! God! Thou art the food, and when I break my fast Of nightly separation from Thee, I will taste Thee, and mentally say: God! God! … Read More

I Was Made for Thee Alone – The Temptation of Christ, Ep. 23

Lyrics Bass (Satan): “Behold all the wonders God’s grace can bestow: If you but reclaim what you’ve given. Why not ask of God any wonder you crave? Worship me to satisfy all human needs. Dominion now over all this noble earth! All I ask of you is: Worship me!” Tenor (Jesus): “Get thee behind me,” Jesus declared. “Satan, know you … Read More

Echoes of the Astral Plane – I Wonder (Ep. 20)

Lyrics 1. Baby Tim’s in the nurs’ry, asleep in his playpen, His calico pony close by. It’s all set, if a dream calls to carry its master Away to a calico sky. And I sit by my window and wonder Why it’s only in dreams we can fly; Why a pony can’t hurdle the sunset, Maybe that’s what makes small … Read More

Greet the Day with Joy – Hello There, Brother Bluebell, Ep. 19

Lyrics (by Swami Kriyananda) Hello there, Brother Bluebell, Play me a tune today! The breezes on the meadow Have made you look so gay! The meadowlarks are singing: Joy’s in the air. Come set your bells a-ringing! You’ve gladness to share! Hello there, Sister Dewdrop, Linger a little while! Your colors in the sunlight Would make a monarch smile. What … Read More

The Height of Aspiration – This Is My Son, Ep. 18

Lyrics “This is My son, in whom I am well pleased. Naught of himself remains, Naught but the true light! Heed well his words. The way he shows is My way. All who would find the truth: walk where he leads.” (by Swami Kriyananda, from the “Christ Lives Oratorio”) Introduction (Written by the composer for use in performances) “And Jesus … Read More